Koru Coaching Therapy


Coaching Therapy is a unique professional and intentional process which draws on a range of skills and interventions that enable people to increase their self-awareness, and to identify, address and find ways of coping with challenges that occur in life, with a supportive, solution focussed objective.


Many life experiences can present us all with changes and stressors that may seem overwhelming - having an impact on day to day life and wellbeing. Coaching Therpay provides a supportive and safe environment where issues can be clarified. Options and ways of navigating these can be explored, and effective strategies are developed - meeting the needs of each client - resuting in long term positive change.


In partnership with Evolution Coaching you will discover yourself, allowing you to start creating the results you want in diffrent areas of your life. In addition, our personal development training programmes offer comprehensive, structured, client focussed programmes that integrate the mind and body resulting in a positive ripple effect on your entire life. 


We are working with community groups, including schools in our communities, to provide this service, recognising the need particualrly in the current COVID19 environment. Our Coaching Therapy, incorporating our Cognitive Behavioural programme works with those aged 16 and above.