Pacific Pride is a leadership group at One Tree Hill that was established in 2007 to build and nurture future Pacific Island leaders.

The leaders in Pacific Pride are seen as role models for other students around the school and make the most of their opportunities by making good choices, valuing education, being organised and striving for excellence in every aspect of school life.

Each year the group have expanded and in 2011 a second Pacific Pride group known as the Pacific Pride development group was formed. The demand for places in the group continues to increase each year, which is a testament to the young pacific role models who are looked up to and are inspiring the young Pacific students from within their own school.

Another notable milestone was achieved in 2012, when the group travelled to Samoa, they were observed by other young Pacific youth, and offered thier service whilst there. The experience was invaluable!

And as each year we farewelled our year 13 students who will now move on towards other tertiary study and other pursuits, after learning valuable leadership and self development skills, will now learn to be the best that they can be!